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Book published

So I finally uploaded a short book of poems for sale at www. Now I really need to start Using my blog. And writing more. The book was written in 2001 and I think I have grown a lot since then, but I wanted to show progression of my life and just share all of my work. I am hoping that I formatted it right too. And that it sales. Formatting another book I wrote in 2003 and working on 2 others, one a novella. I has felt good to be in the writing life again.

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Hanging out at KBCS with my brother in law Ben (DJ Able), listening to hip hop on Zulu Radio, it made me appreciate family and what we are to one another and what we can be for one another. It is very interesting how folks become family. Through marriage, experience, life and death. I am staying up a little later than normal and wired off of coffee, but happy.

I am appreciating my time with my brother and friend and do not take family for granted. God has blessed me with a great big wonderful family.

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The blogging issue

It is very easy to begin a blog about yourself and begin a global commentary. I could very easily neglect my purpose for beginning my WordPress, which was for self-therapy. I needed an outlet for working out my pain, my hurt, anger, frustrations and discuss my happiness. But for many years writing poetry, performing the spoken word, I discussed my perceptions and thoughts on the world, the social injustices, and my vision of the future.

As I was thinking about what this was going to look like, I had all these topics I was going to write about I looked at them and realized that none of them had anything to do with me personally. Cassie Mae, my wife, noticed that I was spending more time creating the format and theme of the blog than writing.

I had to step back and realize what I needed to do. I can do what I did for years, share my vision, thought and imagination, but mend myself, through writing, prayer and family.