Progress is….

knowing when your time is up, and letting it go

growing up and taking responsibility for lifes hiccups

but having faith that God will carry you when you are weak

progress is….

feeling okay that you are broke

happy that you’re wife and children have food

and a roof over their head

progress is….

letting go of that fast four-seater mustang dream

and waking up

comfortable behind a white Honda minivan that gets the family safe to


progress is…

forgiving friends that wronged you


understanding that you still have alot of healing to deal with

progress is…


little by little

not measuring it and defining success

for it is a lifelong



The blogging issue

It is very easy to begin a blog about yourself and begin a global commentary. I could very easily neglect my purpose for beginning my WordPress, which was for self-therapy. I needed an outlet for working out my pain, my hurt, anger, frustrations and discuss my happiness. But for many years writing poetry, performing the spoken word, I discussed my perceptions and thoughts on the world, the social injustices, and my vision of the future.

As I was thinking about what this was going to look like, I had all these topics I was going to write about I looked at them and realized that none of them had anything to do with me personally. Cassie Mae, my wife, noticed that I was spending more time creating the format and theme of the blog than writing.

I had to step back and realize what I needed to do. I can do what I did for years, share my vision, thought and imagination, but mend myself, through writing, prayer and family.

Reasons I weep

Lost childhood
Poor forgotten
The abused overlooked and blamed
Youth labeled as lost
Families splintered
Power misguided
Feel misunderstood
Humans cold and hungry
All responsible
Have done many wrongs
Not forgiven self
Memories come up often
I think of my mother
I think of my siblings lives
Relationship with my father
And it still hurts, although stronger
I work to use my experiences for Gods glory
While healing more
Day by day
By His grace
Love and faithfulness

Beginning with poetry

Battlegrounds set
Wide divides across religious and blood ties and
Lines have been crossed because
Ideology overshadows humanity
Racism has not been buried
I believe
Insanity becomes mass reality
When history distorted
Blurs present
Capacity building is individualized
Sanitized is human emotion
Hesitant to see change immediately
But prayerful that change is coming

This will bring out the best and worst in our nation

Stay stedfast
And in constant prayer